Valentina Canseco comes from a multicultural background, and trained in France and abroad. Her work, that spans from painting to sculpture and installations, is rooted in her very personal relationship with the land and to landscapes, both tangible and intangible, to obtain a chromatic and formal quintessence.
Her sensory experience of the world translates into a variety of artistic techniques that require an immersive or a creative movement into the artworks. The use of the paint sprayer changes the relation of the body to the canvas, thus enabling the artist to experiment with colour as an autonomous subject, and to transcribe phenomena. Plastic matter is rehabilitated in the artwork and offers a new way of designing space, thanks to both its malleability and its play on light. Here, metal is wrung, the crate melts into bronze and the plaster barrel crumples. Colours and its vibrations transcribe the invisible and write out harmonic compositions.
Valentina Canseco explores different perspectives on scale, from drawing to frescoes, sculpture to installation. The ongoing search for new media of expression and experimentation upholds a reflection on what cannot be said. By extracting the most essential lines from reality, the artist exalts the everyday object which becomes symbols. Things such as crates, rubber rings, doors, female swimwear, or even animals like the jellyfish are magnified by the artist who turns them into icons, into metonymies that can express and convey their meaning and even a certain form of spirituality. The monumental dimensions of some artworks manifest this idea, «Paysage immatériel» for example, that was built in the Basilique de Metz, is a landscape of numerous facets and infinite reflections.