Zsófi Barabás, is a graduate of the Tokyo University of the Arts, the University of Pécs in Hungary and the Budapest Fine Arts Academy. Her abstract paintings are similar to exploded kites. Her kites are suitable for the dream of reverie. The artist composes a soft euphoria, by a monochrome tone superimposed by triangles or heterogeneous bands. 
Since 2013, Zsofi Barabas' works have been tinged with architectural influences. Indeed, that year she worked in a studio in Frankfurt where she drew inspiration from the industrial environment around her. Buildings and architectural details find their way into her organic compositions. A cooperation is born, a hierarchical dialogue between the organic and the architectural. The geometrical forms come to support the free forms which are drawn in top of the compositions. 

Most of our physical environment consists of perpendiculars and parallels. Yet human beings are organic entities. Zsofi Barabas does not achieve this subversion by interchanging the superior element with the subordinate element, but rather by juxtaposing the two.

The Clouds appear in the artist's practice in 2022. They are intended to be a continuation of the previous Reliefs. The abandonment of the square form the square form gives an additional freedom to the compositions. The plastic surface and the work of the that Zsofi Barabas builds with oil the oil thus serve to form as much as to question the spatiality.