From the earliest age Willow Evann felt the need to express himself through dance. Lulled as a child by the reggae his father listened to, he has been immersed in the Hip Hop culture since the age of 10. He then turned to Locking (a dance born in 1970 on the West Coast of the United States) and is considered today as an essential reference of this movement. At the same time, he developed his career as a photographer and focused his practice on capturing gesture and choreographic movement.
In 2019, he joins the Kourtrajmé school where he experiments and develops his visual language. In 2020, he participates in the collective exhibition curated by the artist JR at the Centquatre and then in the Parcours Saint-Germain with a photographic installation in the public space. In 2022, 31 PROJECT exhibited his work in a duo show in its Parisian gallery.