According to Dagara Dakin, art critic: "The human figure occupies a central place in the work of Evans Mbugua. He draws his subjects from his own experience or that of his more or less close circle. The major themes he addresses are hope, audacity and joy. The urban environment is reflected in his work by the presence of pictograms that fill the entire surface of his supports. These playful spaces are saturated by the accumulation of these motifs, alternating solids and voids, transparency and opacity, shadow and light. Hence the energy and vitality that emerge from his achievements. A bias that the artist conceives as a response to the complexity of reality, an alternative to the dark news that convey the news. Always tending towards the light, seems to be his leitmotiv. This does not prevent him from being lucid on the world in which he evolves."
In 2022, the artist has multiplied exhibitions in Europe and the United States at Scope Art Show in Miami, 1-54 Art Fair in London, or ART X Lagos Art Fair in Nigeria.