"My principal theme is the human condition. I lived in a sort of slum and there I knew many moments of joy and warmth and it was important for my work to incorporate this fact. It's work that displays numerous people assembled in a space. It's really the condition of the people in Abidjan, my city. The aforementioned motivates me every day because there's always a new story to tell. I can never run out of inspiration." - Peintre Obou 

The themes that he addresses in his works are the slums and the condition of humans that are the results of the political-military crisis in 2002. We often see the crowd in his paintings, a way for Painter Obou to pay tribute to all those people who were victims and who still live today in these precarious places. Another theme that he deals with in his works is the representation of women and their realities of life. Inspired by his mother and his sisters, who always support him.