R10 - real name Jorge Rodriguez Diez, was born in 1969. Graduated from the Higher Institute of Design in 1995.


The subversion of the traditional codes of advertising graphics and political propaganda is the central axis of his paintings. He became interested in the reflection and questioning of Cuba's conflictual past. He uses the graphics of period magazines and recycles images typical of Cuban history to establish a close connection with the current reality. Therefore, R10 is not a mere chronicler of the past, but also actor of the present. Postmodern pastiche, irony and sarcasm are essential strategies in his work, the means with which the artist expresses the most complex aspirations of Cuban news. R10 has managed to create his own style with a visual richness and a metaphorical depth as highlighted by the works selected for the exhibition.


R10 received the first prize in the European Union Poster Design Competition and the first prize in the Graphic Art Competition at the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Frida Kahlo and the 20th anniversary of Diego's death Rivera.


His works are part of the Factoría Habana collection, La Habana, Cuba; Lise Charlotte Aune, MAP Gallery, Oslo, Norway; Susan Adelman, United States; Beverly Walton, United States; Kathy Along, United States; Michael Reese and Joshua Snowden, United States; Jennifer Trewhella, Australia.