No Meio: Francisco Vidal

On Saturday, September 2, 193 Gallery inaugurates "No Meio", solo show at 21 rue Béranger, with artist Francisco Vidal, questioning transcultural identities. Although born in Portugal, Vidal sees himself as strongly connected to the African diaspora. Originally from Angola and Cape Verde, he explores themes of postcolonial personality and refers to agricultural work and its tools, in particular the machete, symbolizing the struggles of the African liberation movement.
 Known for his large-scale paintings, drawings and installations installations, Francisco Vidal's aesthetic is based on cubist cubist influences, African textiles, hip-hop culture of the hip-hop culture of the '80s, as well as graffiti and contemporary contemporary street art. No Meio offers us the first keys to the artist's history. He constantly questions political dissidence and the spirit of social revolution. The artist mixes precise techniques and free expression techniques and an expression of freedom.