El peso de las alas: Esterio Segura

The exhibition El peso de las alas (The Weight of Wings) brings together pieces from some of Esterio Segura's most emblematic series, linked to the theme of travel.


Migration and travel are at the heart of the work of Cuban artist Esterio Segura, who graduated from the prestigious Instituto Superior de Arte de Havana in 1994 and has been one of the most dynamic Cuban artists of the last three decades. Since 2003, the artist has been interested in the symbolism associated with the act of travel and depicts with a certain irony and nostalgia the means and circumstances of migratory movements.

Since then, his work has been populated by a universe of hybrid forms marked by one of the age-old allegories linked to geographical displacement: wings. Through sculptures, paintings, installations, drawings and, more recently, photographs, Esterio evokes Cuba's complex economic and social situation, linked to the physical and psychological borders dictated by the island's geographic and historical isolation.