Chuli Herrera

Image de Kristine Cinate

Chuli Herrera, multidisciplinary thinker

    Born in Camagüey in 1987. Trained as an art instructor at the Faculty of Arts “Nicolas Guillen Batista” in Camagüey, from which he graduated in 2006, Chuli Herrera continued his training at the Pedagogical University “José Marti” in Camagüey (2011). From 2007, he was the date of his first solo exhibition "Mémoire d'une polyvalence contemporaine", at the gallery of the faculty of Camagüey, spotted in the world of Cuban visual arts as an artist with effective and innovative works, digital photography, and interactive installations, Chuli Herrera focuses on social relations and the benefits offered by new technologies in the age of social networks. In 2013, he won the prize at the 18th Fidelio Ponce de Camagüey visual arts fair. In 2014, Chuli produced the Be One exhibition at the Latin American and Caribbean Center in Beijing, featuring women, men, the elderly and common people from the eastern part of the country, motivated by the architecture, gastronomy and the bonds of friendship between Cuba and China. In 2015, with the Cielo project presented at the 12th Havana Biennale, Chuli Herrera carved out a place in the vast panorama of visual arts. Cubans. Via social media, he asks people around the world to send him a photo of their sky. He then collects images and, after reworking the snapshots, he transforms them into paintings. Will the audience see a part of the sky in several countries or the large representation of a single sky? Limits are created by man. Thus, through this project Chuli Herrera questions the urgency of questioning the reality and the plurality of impressions, but also recalls the need to make the public aware of the fact that we are part of a whole, the world, that we must protect against to ecological disasters.

In recent years, his work has been marked by the constant relationship of subordinate images to the emotions and internal and external situations that human beings constantly experience. In the works chosen for the exhibition, Chuli Herrera criticizes the ego of our contemporary societies. He puts masks on his portraits, like the ones we have when we post selfies on social networks, highlighting a life that is always more perfect than reality. He named this series “Zelf Portret” (in Dutch), because he presents self-portraits of great masters like Rembrandt or Van Gogh on a laptop. Chuli Herrera has already exhibited in several South American countries, China, the Netherlands, and Italy. He has received numerous awards in Cuba and is a member of UNEAC (the Association of Cuban Artists and Writers) and AHS (the Association of Young Cuban Artists).