Déborah Benzaquen

Image de Kristine Cinate

Deborah Benzaquen and the wonder of the moment

    Having fun with the codes of documentaries, fashion reports or even melancholy tales, the artist delivers a work at the crossroads of genres, brilliantly mixing reality, and fiction.

It was in New York, her first playground, that she embarked on a frantic "Street Photography" as an autodidact.

Quickly, her work was noticed, and his first black and white film series exhibited. Five years later, Deborah returned to Morocco. Her work is more thoughtful and as on a shoot, she now works with care on her staging. But she also enjoys improvisation and gives free rein to her models. Once the stage is set, she lets them express themselves and captures the moment and its magic with a marveling gaze.

Throughout her art, the artist gives us a message of tolerance and strong values highlighted by an unexpected gentleness and a certain poetry. Deborah Benzaquen is today considered one of the best Moroccan photographers.