Diana Garcia

Image de Kristine Cinate

Diana Garcia, a philosophy of life

    Diana Garcia was born in Mexico in 1982. She is an artist, actress and producer.

"Be What You Dream" is her philosophy of life, her vision of a responsible world through the personal choice of transformation, which goes hand in hand with our goal, generating a positive collective impact.

For several years, she has shared this message through her series "The Guardians": amalgamations of animals that represent the fusion of all our talents and the expression of authenticity when we remove our fear of being. These Guardians reflect us and our allies to make our dreams come true. Her guardians can be found on the streets of Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

By honoring the Rainbow Warriors' Hopi prophecy, its mission is to inspire love and connection between all living things.

Diana Garcia has participated in many installations and collaborations.