Harry Moody

Image de Kristine Cinate

Harry Moody and abstraction

    Harry Moody received his official training as an artist at the Frankfurt Stadel Fine Art Academy, Frankfurt, Germany. He specialized in free painting under the supervision of professors Johannes Schreiter, Thomas Bayrle and Josef Beuys.

In 1986, also at the Stadel Academy, he was introduced to the works and philosophies of then-incumbent Professor Gerhard Richter, who ultimately deeply influenced the artistic direction in which Moody would embark.

His career in the arts includes fine art dealer, gallery owner, CINOA membership, appraiser, curator / restorer, attending numerous art fairs in Maastricht, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, author and art critic for Art-i-fact, independent curator for the Bellvue Art Museum, Seattle, Ukai Museum, Tokyo and for private collections, and was a member of the board of trustees of the Seattle Fine Art Academy.

Throughout his professional life Harry Moody has pursued a dialogue about artistic ideals and the need to express oneself artistically. He has exhibited at the Stadel Museum in Frankfurt, the Landes Museum Wiesbaden, the Untitled Gallery in Los Angeles, the Burr Gallery, the Burbank & Fresh Paint Art Gallery, in Culver City LA.