Jade Fenu

Image de Kristine Cinate

Jade Fenu or the act of painting

    Jade Fenu was born in 1976. He is a free-spirited self-taught artist who enjoys confronting all the art forms he has been trained in.

His multiple influences come as much from the contemporary Californian scene, as from traditional Japanese prints, or from German neo-expressionism. His painting, which has become abstract, leaves the temporal framework and is interested in the thwarted nature, in all senses of the term, in transfigured wounds, in recomposed identities. He develops a gestural technique that transcribes onto the canvas the multiple stages of his creative process: making, undoing, redoing, scratching, erasing, sanding, covering, discovering...

These are all traces that gradually form their own identity until an intrinsic balance exists in the painting that no longer belongs to it. Jade Fenu works by searching, in an almost philosophical approach to the act of painting itself, without knowing when or even if the outcome will happen, drawing the viewer into a game of unstable balance that echoes the personal and existential questionings specific to each person.

Jade Fenu has participated for several years in international group exhibitions in Europe and the United States.