Javier Toro Blum

Image de Kristine Cinate

Javier Toto Blum, artistic dialogue above all

    Born in 1983 in Santiago, Chile, Javier Toro Blum studied psychology, art, and sculpture in Santiago, then in New York and London (Royal College of Art).

“My focus is on producing works that generate relationships rather than end results, opening the object to interaction with its physical and cultural environment to create a symbiotic dialogue between them. I have a particular interest in architecture and in the way, works are displayed and could alter space, through light, darkness and volume, arbitrating perception. The artist is interested in the notion of subjectivity, and the need for conjugation between the observer, the work of art and the architecture.

Beyond the creation of works that are an end point, I want to create installations that would be an entry point to generate experiences of subjective perceptions, connected with the social dynamics of the location of the project.