Mehdi-Georges Lahlou

Image de Kristine Cinate

Medhi-Georges Lahlou, the strength of duality


    With his dual Franco-Moroccan affiliation, a Muslim father and a Catholic mother, Mehdi-Georges happily crosses the borders of our multicultural societies. The artist's aesthetics, as transversal as his range of media (photography, video, sculpture, installations, performances, etc.) pose the individual, the genre, and the representation at the foundation of the works. From these surreal and transgressive scenes of bodies and objects emerge hidden areas of identities.

Gleefully freeing himself from stereotypes, the artist plays the troublemaker and disguises his body as he disguises traditions. He knows, by juxtaposition, to stay in this in-between which upset established convictions. He wears the stigmas linked to the feminine (stiletto heels, lipstick, veil), but keeps the attributes of his virility (hair, sex, muscles). A cross-dressing which is therefore not complete, and which thus upsets the gender norm, social and sexual. It is not a question of "culture clash" but rather of a double confinement: to leave one culture is to be confronted with another culture which locks up again.

In partnership with the Rabouan Moussion gallery.