Zahrin Kahlo

Image de Kristine Cinate

Zahrin Kahlo, identity, symbol, refusal

    Moroccan photographer lives and works in Italy as a photographer and videographer. After obtaining a diploma in foreign literature, she begins to travel fascinated by the countries described by her favorite writers (Argentina, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Syria ...). These experiences sparked her love for photography, and she decided to start art studies with a particular emphasis on oriental photography.

Her work is based on the dual identity of a woman who has decided to no longer be the symbol of a single culture. The medium of photography becomes an ideal medium to represent the intimate sphere of a woman, with all its ghosts, fantasies and complexes which are linked by images to memories and to the subconscious. 

A photograph that wants to be vulnerable to the traces and signs of time and all their imperfections. Her current personal research includes an anthropological portrait of the female figure in Fellini's film.