Derrick Ofosu Boateng and colors of Ghana

Derrick  Ofosu Boateng embodies the youth of the continent who have taken over the internet in no time. His works are emblematic of the media mix, produced on Iphone.

Deeply marked by Anglo-Saxon culture, he dares to use color through everyday scenes exclusively devoted to “feel good”. These characters celebrate the black body always haloed with bright, inspiring tones. Equipped with trumpets and tasty-looking fruits, they go beyond the perception of movement: they are inhabited, embodied, they overflow with life and communicative energy.

“I consider photography to be a decisive tool for interacting with as many people as possible in different places around the world. The stories are exceptional, full of emotion and life. In my opinion, it is important that my work represents an Africa from a positive perspective, it contributes to greatly changing the perception of the continent. Many people write to me on social networks to tell me that my photographs have changed their vision, it makes me very happy ”. - Derrick

A keen observer on the lookout for what characterizes his environment, he is inspired by childhood, by his musical culture. A man-orchestra, he makes it a point of honor to think, refine the staging of his works.

Thus, through his photos it is the whole image of a country that he works with a positive eye. A true colorist, he carries out important retouching work on his photographs in terms of color and contrasts. A way that can now be described as a Ghanaian school. His staging thus becomes almost unreal and tilts towards a dreamlike world. It is through this dimension and certain recurrences in his composition that he inscribes a message of pride, and of reappropriation of a certain sweetness of life.

It is a portrait dedicated to a man from Niger, who came to work in Accra in order to create his fabric business there, which contributed to the fame of this young photographer.

Over the course of these discussions, the story of this migrant touched Derrick deeply. A photograph of this man with a blissful air, his eyes closed, wearing a multitude of fabrics folded over his head, thus crystallized this human encounter because "he declared to have found peace and freedom in Ghana" confides the photographer.

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