John Yuyi, a society commentary

John Yuyi born in Taiwan in 1991, now based in New York City, is an artist strongly influenced by her background in modeling, photography and fashion design. As a child, in Taipei, she often sketched and painted in watercolors. After graduating with a fashion design degree from Shih Chien University, Yuyi launched his own swimwear collection and interned with internationally renowned artist and designer Jason Wu.

Her work sits at the intersection of youth culture, fame and biting social commentary. Yuyi harnesses the iconography of mass culture by projecting images onto the human form, attacking ideas of the self and the economy of identity. Her process usually involves very few materials, often exposing the nude form altered by temporary tattoos of her own creation. She describes her work as playful, unexpected and curious.

John Yuyi has been using "temporary tattooing" as his main art form since 2014, mainly focusing on the effects of technology and social media, and using the human body as a canvas.

Her works have been published by many well-known media such as i-D, DAZED and the New York Times. After more than 4 years of experimentation, John Yuyi successfully developed the concept of "temporary tattoo" as his own artistic medium. Its impact on this concept has earned it recognition by Forbes magazine in its "30 under 30 Asia 2018 - The Arts" category.

Her bachelor's degree in fashion design from Shih Chien University gives her work a strong fashion component and has attracted the attention of numerous fashion media who have sought to interview her and publish her work. Additionally, John Yuyi was frequently invited by a number of fashion brands like KENZO, CHANEL, and GUCCI, who commissioned him to create one of the most popular memes for the much-publicized #TFWGucci Meme project.

John Yuyi has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, Taipei and Shanghai.

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