About Ruben Ortiz Torres

Born 1964 - Lives and works in San Diego, USA.

Ruben Ortiz Torres is a Mexican photographer, painter, sculptor-director. Ortiz-Torres is considered one of the major artists of the contemporary Mexican scene. From the 1980s he was seen as the inventor of a specific form of Mexican postmodernism.

Over the past ten years he has produced a body of work featuring a wide range of mediums - extended photographic series, modified readymade series, a feature film, several videos (three of which are in 3D), large-scale video installations. , series of paintings, sculptures, personalized cars and machines, photo collages, performances and organized exhibitions.

Rubén Ortiz Torres explores the social and aesthetic transformations linked to intercultural exchanges and globalization. A plurality of parallel strategies spring from the different mediums he explores. Her work often centers on the processes of adaptation in specific and highly varied contexts and the subsequent transformations they invoke - as signs and objects that constantly change form and meaning. His works all question the veneration of the art object and the degradation of popular culture and the vernacular. Personalization characterizes the Work of Rubén Ortiz Torres in almost all of its mediums. It offers an alternative way to tackle the problems associated with globalization.

Since 1982, Ortiz-Torres' work has been featured in 25 solo exhibitions, over 100 group exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and over 50 screenings of his films and video works.

The artist’s works can be seen in major institutions: Brooklyn Museum, Met New York, MoMa New York, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Tate Modern, London.

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