Valentina Canseco, the colorful balance between abstraction and minimalism

    Valentina Canseco (1985) currently works at the 6B studios in Saint-Denis. She is of Brazilian and Chilean origin but has lived in France for some time. Her practice is rich, ranging from drawing to painting, but also from sculpture to installation.

Valentina Canseco works with everyday objects, which she finds, collects, shapes and sublimates. Urban furniture and anodyne objects, excluded from the interest of all, are her tools of inspiration. From drawing to volume, she decomposes and recomposes them to create situations and open up to other universes. Fascinated by the crate, a common object in the urban space, she turns it into a module that she deconstructs to better understand it. She thus extracts matrices with infinite potential. She deliberately plays with their simplicity and complexity. This element, this form, sometimes on the floor, on the wall, drawn, accumulated, invites the spectator to question its making. Valentina Canseco's work thus takes on a contemplative dimension and invites us to lose ourselves in her works like floating landscapes.

Recycled materials, scraps, this artist shows how waste can be reused, reborn and thus become important parts for new constructions. Through these games of transformation, the pieces of these everyday objects become abstract forms and are superimposed until we forget their original purpose.

Colour and light are also a constant force in his work. In a balance between minimalism and abstraction, his works come to life thanks to these strong, pop or even neo-pop tones, in phase with the current era.

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