Samuel Cueto, a French photographer with a Hispano-Algerian heritage, pays homage to the popular and forgotten neighborhoods of globalization.


Familiar with these environments, Samuel Cueto also tells us about these portraits he takes of people on the path seemingly chaotic: cracked but authentic beings, and who exerts a magnetic beauty on the viewer.


The exhibition at the 193 Gallery from 24th October to 30th November 2018 looks at the work of Samuel Cueto between 2014 and 2018, during his travels in Thailand, India and Senegal, each time in the peripheral zones, " urban ghettos "whose colors are perceptible in these black and white photographs, shot in silver.


Gang chefs and prostitutes of Bangkok and Phuket, street vendors of Calcutta, old men of Varanasi, children of Koranic schools of Dakar: the beauty is everywhere for who wants to see it well ...