Aldo Chaparro is a Peruvian-Mexican artist born in 1965. His work is based on the interactions between different materials and disciplines; from curating, cinema, public art, architecture, industrial and editorial design (Editorial Celeste, Mexico, 2000-2014), to music, sculpture, painting, installation, etc.
This tendency to jump from one language to another has generated in him a constant preoccupation with the processes of art and the connection that these disciplines have with broader areas of society. In this way, his work has become a testimony to various processes, somehow discarding the idea that the value of the work lies in the resulting object and its close relationship with the art world.
Aldo Chaparro is present in Mexico (Mexico City, Valle de Bravo and Monterrey), Peru (Lima), Spain (Madrid) and the United States (Los Angeles). He divides his time between these places, seeking to generate a more intimate and profound connection with the cities where he develops his projects. His work is part of important public and private collections around the world. Likewise, his Window Displays project has gradually become an important platform and reference for young artists in each city where he has a studio.