Abe Ogunlende draws inspiration from culturally blended images, minimalist compositions, and his personal experiences and emotions. Using simple forms to depict his perspectives, he explores individual identity, society and the ongoing dialogue that they are engaged in. Offering a unique blend of African minimalism - visually and conceptually insightful and exciting. 
His work is an evolving story inspired by his own experiences, and told within the context of a simplified visual language. He finds himself influenced by the ongoing conversation between society and personhood, and the many ways they impact each other in regards to individual identity.
With visual stories told in a minimalist style of painting, he seeks to represent new perspectives of what it means to be African in modern times, uncovering the core of our human identity. He believes it's important for art to be easily understood, that simplicity for him is not only aesthetic, but also a medium that can be salient, and unexpectedly insightful. 
Personal experiences and local stories often allow his works to continue to evolve as he grows as an individual. In the paintings, much like Nigeria itself, uplifting and colorful vibrant scenes often contrast the thoughtful dispositions of the characters in them. This, intended for the audience to see and experience themselves as characters in his works.