Babi est Doux: Cedric Tchinan ⎮Ezan Franck ⎮Aristide Kouame ⎮ Pascal Konan ⎮ Peintre Obou ⎮ Ana Zulma ⎮Jean Servais Somian ⎮ Ly lagazelle

" Because the Ivory Coast has not yet said everything of its children, because it seeks the best expression of its maturity, it is essential that art expresses itself in its diversities as in its common passions. Art is certainly the best vector to illustrate visions, feelings, intuitions: so many dreams that disturb and mark a life... Thus, the Artist offers, through his works, the wave of a feeling which can reach each one and make him like and live the Ivory Coast of today and tomorrow. So that elaborates for this one the blooming of an identity of heart. " 




Inspired by "Cote d'Ivoire, sun of our hearts" by Beatrice Agbaté-Lagos



"BABI EST DOUX" is the fruit of a deep humility, filled with love, sharing and communion in the image of the Ivory Coast, country of hospitality, land of hope! A gentle therapy, which induces deep questioning about our "self". A sweet and effervescent travel diary, the result of an unforgettable stay in Abidjan and Grand-Bassam in November 2021, a marathon visit of more than twenty artists' studios. A selection of eight artists whose creations converge on four themes; Urban life, the beauty of nature, human connection and nature to save. An exhibition of works that will touch the depths of your souls by the way you look at them, and will reward you with a little more humility and gratitude.