Colors of Abstraction : Harry Moody⎮Hugh Byrne⎮Aldo Chaparro⎮ Anton Alvarez ⎮Valentina Canseco⎮ Ben Arpea⎮ Kitikong Tilokw​attanotai

The world tour of contemporary art continues at 193 Gallery with a focus on abstract art and the visual impact of color through the exhibition: Colors of Abstraction.



This first exhibition of 2021 brings together seven artists of different nationalities (South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, USA, France, Thailand, Italy). Mixing sculptures and paintings, the 193 Gallery finalizes a ccle of exhibition around the color. Abstract art was born at the beginning of the twentieth century, the artistic landscape of the time was composed mainly of Fauvism, Cubism and figurative expressionism. Gradually, artists became free and artistic creation was marked by the liberation of color, form and subject.
The artists presented at 193 Gallery follow this principle of liberation of color, form and subject matter in a very contemporary way through bold colors and graphic and sharp visual constructions, as illustrated by Valentina Canseco's cagettes, or Hugh Byrne's and Ben Arpea's geometric combinations.


But also through denser works where the material and colors are one, like those of Harry Moody, Aldo Chaparro and Anton Alvarez, where the variations of colors through the material are the focus of the artist's concerns. The viewer is invited to feel emotions, freeing himself from the visual reality.