"I want to paint life itself. I want to create paintings like objects and environments. Infused with the harmony and disturbance of colours and materials that can capture, keep and endlessly provide some invisible energy, pleasure and pain" - Márton Nemes 

Born in 1986 in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, Márton Nemes is a multimedia artist based in London, He studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, later completing his Master of Fine Arts degree at the Chelsea College of Arts, London in 2018, where he received an M.F.A.

Márton Nemes creating paintings, sculptures, installations and sounds. Initially inspired by the architecture of Budapest, a city that he has spent the majority of his life residing in, Nemes’s practice is rooted in the colourful abstraction of buildings. Since his early works, and after moving to London, Nemes has been heavily influenced by techno subcultures, continuing to create abstracted colourful works whilst attempting to duplicate the atmosphere and experience of rave culture, creating a disintegration and rearrangement of the pictorial state. Made using a range of materials, Nemes’s artworks are eager to expand and bend, referencing the escapist counter-cultures associated with rave scenes, creating multisensory, diverse experiences.