"By incorporating my great eye of enlightenment on the subjects, I attempt to represent those who have gained knowledge and seek to enlighten others in the conversation process." - Sesse Elangwe Ngeseli

Sesse Elangwe Ngeseli (1994) is originally from Buea in the English-speaking South West of Cameroon. Given his artistic background, Sesse attended Le Crayon de Djino for 6 years before teaching young children himself and then taking a degree in Political Science at the University of Buea. If we could talk is a poignant series of 10 paintings about a chilling chapter in Cameroon's history, the conflict in the Anglophone zone. An episode that has dragged on since 2016. It has left its mark on the lives of the inhabitants and many innocent people have lost their lives. Sesse's works are true accounts of society, enhanced by intriguing and symbolist iconography.  This series brilliantly presents the civilian vision of a conflict that is not talked about enough, that tends to fall out of history while it generates a massive displacement of population inside the country. The young generation, heavily impacted, shows resilience and a strong desire to continue their quest for the future. Sesse Elangwe presents them in a colourful way, as transmitters of a memory that is gradually being buried under the complexity of an endless conflict.