Adjust the Blinds : Aldo Chaparro⎮Fernanda Caballero

An exhibition worked as a duo by a couple is always a complex challenge. We could think that if a relationship is successful, therefore an exhibition made as a couple should reflect this in the works and in the project as a whole. We wish life would always follow this logic, although it is true that a good communication generates a powerful energy, it is also true that in this type of collaborations we are opening our personal processes to thousands of variants that we do not have in solitary and independent work. We have assumed these variants as a challenge and the result is what you will be able to see physically in this exhibition. It is an exercise that does not pretend to lead us to any conclusion. We believe that sharing our process with you individually and as a whole will reveal a number of questions that we consider valuable to explore further. Valuable in art and valuable especially in personal terms, as we believe that collaboration is the working model that will lead us all to a more empathetic and functional future.
Adjust the Blinds' refers to this ability to readjust our perception based on immediate needs, or what is demanded of us moment to moment. Editing or re-adjusting the light behind the blinds, the incoming information, one's perception in order to see more clearly. In times that are so confusing for everyone, we question everything we have learned, what we thought we knew and even the truths we thought were absolute. We learn to live in the uncertainty of a time of change with all the readjustments that such times entail.