Memories of the future: Angie Vega ⎮ Nicolás Beltrán ⎮ Ivan Hurtado ⎮ Magola Moreno

This exhibition brings together four prominent Colombian artists whose works explore memory as acentral theme. Through different artistic approaches, Angie Vega, Nicolás Beltrán, Ivan Hurtado and Magola Moreno reveal the power of memory in artistic creation. Their works capture historical moments, evoke personal memories and reflect on the connection between the past and the present. Through painting, the deformation of reality and the representation of the human figure, these artists invite theviewer to immerse themselves in an introspective journey that questions the nature of memory and its influence on our understanding of the world. Together, their works offer an enriching experience that allows us to reflect on the importance of preserving and valuing our history and collective memory.