Terre Infertile: Lib

The story of a family in northern Kosovo is the glue from which "Terre infertile" (infertile land) is derived. Lib (1989 -) comes from a barren land of rock, and pays tribute to the poor village where he was born and grew up, near Mitrovicë, where nothing grows, not even hope.
"Infertile Land" is therefore a revenge on life. A revenge on war, which condemned hundreds of women and men unable to grow crops or aspirations, forced to seek the glitter and wealth of the developed world. Surrounded and fascinated by the craftsmen and artists in his family, Lib tries to ward off fate by using mineral materials such as pebbles, sand and pebbles to bring his picturesque works to life.
In this way, his artistic practice draws parallels between his childhood and the history of a country. Lib explores the cavities of her soul to create diamonds in the rough, cut by the dreams of a family in northern Kosovo.