"During the course of my creations, there is this conceptual need to engage and question the work, to understand it, and to weigh the functionality of each stroke, each color." - Pascal Konan 

Pascal Konan was born in 1979 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Abidjan, Pascal Konan now teaches painting while practicing his artistic activity.

By depicting the daily life of the inhabitants of Abidjan, the artist interprets a particular emotion, that produced by African cities through their affluence and the exuberant profusion of sounds and smells that characterize them. Pascal Konan's entire approach lies in the exaltation of a happy childhood spent in one of the suburbs of Abidjan, but also in the testimony of the precariousness of an Africa struggling with urbanity.

Pascal's quest to understand the human soul leads him to explore the streets of Côte d'Ivoire in search of the collective life, the spirit, which plays between what is open to the eye and what is hidden underneath. How identities develop from interactions to movement that begins as public, then becomes private and returns to public.