Ebuka Michael studies photography and graphic design at the University of Lagos. Strongly influenced by his environment and the megalopolis ( Lagos) which teems with energy and fascinates him, the artist expresses the present moment through scenes from the lives of his contemporaries. Guided by his mastery of color, always on the lookout for new ideas to fuel his creativity, the artist draws inspiration from famous photographers such as Prince Jyesi and Danny Wonders. In his eyes, color translates with ease the human density and feelings aroused by these moments charged with intensity. The artist's work is inspired by his relationship with nature, documentary photography and, above all, with God. Ebuka means "God is great".
His dreamy, pastel-colored images were often taken on the banks of the Iboko River: "It's a space that's emblematic of my art; I discovered it in 2019. After taking my first photographs there, I was very surprised by the outstanding aesthetics it revealed" - Ebuka Michael