Melancholic Dreams: Ben Arpea ⎮ Aldo Chaparro ⎮ Jade Fenu ⎮ Beya Gille Gacha ⎮ Jean-Marc Hunt ⎮ Lib ⎮ Hyacinthe Ouattara ⎮ Javier Toro Blum ⎮ Rob Tucker

193 Gallery returns to Venice and it has chosen to breathe new life into one of the city’s oldest pharmacies, with exhibitions held on two levels. Before hosting a major exhibition starting in the month of April, the gallery presents a pre-opening exhibition "Melancholic Dreams", that will be held for two months, starting February 2nd, with its inauguration coinciding with the famous Venice Carnival. 
The gallery continues its tour of the world of contemporary art, presenting in this exhibition a selection of our gallery's artists from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Oceania and the Balkans. An invitation to escape, to encounter the magic that resides in difference. By embracing dreams from elsewhere, we choose to open ourselves to the infinite potential of existence and let our minds wander freely in the twists and turns of a world where every thought can become a reality in its own right.